• This meeting is open to BPNS members and other professionals working in relevant areas, but not to patients or members of the general public without advance permission.
BPNS SFNP Joint Meeting 2022
Start Date
End Date
Thursday 1 Dec 2022 14:00 PM
Friday 2 Dec 2022 17:15 PM
One Birdcage Walk, London, SW1H 9JJ

We hope you will be able to join us at the upcoming BPNS meeting which we are hosting in conjunction with our French colleagues (SFNP).  This international meeting will include lectures from renowned clinical academic and experienced clinicians in the peripheral nerve field from across the UK and France; it will be held in English.  This will be an exclusively in-person meeting hosted at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in the heart of Westminster in central London, which overlooks St James's Park and was built in 1899.  The beautiful Georgian period decor is supplemented by engineering memorabilia.  

This longer meeting than usual, over a day and a half, will have more invited speakers that we usually do, but will still have some traditional case presentations.  Please submit clinical cases and research work as poster presentations, and we shall select some to be given as oral presentations.  These should both be submitted through the website in the normal way (this page:; we hope we can include all submitted presentations.  There will be prizes for the best posters and oral presentations given by trainees.  A subsidised dinner at the Churchill War Rooms will take place on the Thursday evening and can be booked (as a separate event) via our website.

Don't forget to login to our website before booking if you are a member; this is necessary for associate members to unlock cheaper rates.  Ordinary members are paying the same as guest members for this meeting so as not to charge more for our French guests.  French trainees should contact SFNP honorary secretary Dr Marion Masingue to request the cheaper rates available to our associate members.

Directions and venue location information are available here:  Victoria, Waterloo and Charing Cross mainline stations are approximately a 15-20 minute walk from the venue.  If travelling by car, Q-Park Westminster is a safe and secure car park conveniently located just ten minutes away; a 10% discount code can be obtained by contacting in advance of the meeting.

Programme (can change before the event)
DateTimeType Presenter
Thu 1 Dec 202213:55Registration Arrive and registration  
Thu 1 Dec 202214:20Lecture Welcome Professor Michael Lunn
Thu 1 Dec 202214:30Lecture Amyloid Mechanisms Professor Julian Gillmore
Thu 1 Dec 202215:05Lecture Amyloid Treatments Professor David Adams
Thu 1 Dec 202215:40Refreshment Break and coffee  
Thu 1 Dec 202216:10Lecture Update on novel antibodies in diagnosis Dr Jerome Devaux
Thu 1 Dec 202216:25Lecture Research and development of novel biomarkers or diagnostics Dr Jean-Christophe Antoine
Thu 1 Dec 202216:40Lecture A life in inflammatory neuropathies Professor Hugh Willison, Glasgow
Thu 1 Dec 202217:20Close  
Fri 2 Dec 202208:30Registration Arrive and registration  
Fri 2 Dec 202209:00Lecture Demyelination and conduction block - use and misuse? Dr Arjuna Nagendran
Fri 2 Dec 202209:15Lecture Optimal practical use of imaging in peripheral neuropathy diagnostics Dr Christophe Vandendries
Fri 2 Dec 202209:30Lecture Developments in peripheral nerve imaging on the diagnostic horizon Professor Marie Faruch
Fri 2 Dec 202209:45Lecture Advancing utility of CSF analysis Professor Michael Lunn
Fri 2 Dec 202210:00Lecture Perineuroma cases and genetics Dr Chris Record
Fri 2 Dec 202210:15Lecture How to use nerve biopsies in the 21st Century Dr Laurent Magy
Fri 2 Dec 202210:30Refreshment Break and coffee  
Fri 2 Dec 202211:00Lecture Checkpoint inhibitors - complications and management Dr Aisling Carr
Fri 2 Dec 202211:20Lecture Nitrous oxide - An epidemic? Dr Etienne Fortanier
Fri 2 Dec 202211:40Lecture Advances in the understanding and treatment of nutritional neuropathies Dr Alex Rossor
Fri 2 Dec 202212:00Other Junior QUIZ - Dr James Stevens/Dr Hadi Manji  
Fri 2 Dec 202212:30Refreshment Lunch and Posters  
Fri 2 Dec 202213:30Lecture New Genes/use of WGS Professor Mary Reilly
Fri 2 Dec 202213:45Lecture Muscle MRI as an outcome measure AND Emerging role of MRI neurography in CMT Dr Jasper Morrow and Dr Shahram Attarian
Fri 2 Dec 202214:15Lecture Emerging genetic therapies (not amyloid) Dr Tanya Stojkovic
Fri 2 Dec 202214:30Other Abstract TBC  
Fri 2 Dec 202214:45Other Abstract TBC  
Fri 2 Dec 202215:00Refreshment Break and coffee  
Fri 2 Dec 202215:30Other Abstract TBC  
Fri 2 Dec 202215:45Other Abstract TBC  
Fri 2 Dec 202216:00Other Abstract TBC  
Fri 2 Dec 202216:15Other Abstract TBC  
Fri 2 Dec 202216:30Lecture Clinicopathological conference (CPC) Dr Yann Pereon
Fri 2 Dec 202217:15Close Final words from Professor Michael Lunn  

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Latest News

New UK Charity for Peripheral Neuropathy

The BPNS wish to facilitate setup of a new charity for peripheral neuropathy in the UK.  There is no charity or association in the UK which supports people with all the many causes of peripheral neuropathy.  Only a few specific causes of neuropathy have a UK charity, such as CMT-UK, GAIN and Diabetes UK.  There is no UK charity to support idiopathic neuropathy, painful small fibre neuropathy (except general pain charities), brachial neuritis, carpal tunnel and entrapment neuropathies, chemotherapy neuropathy (except cancer charities), etc.

The chief executives of several related charities have kindly offered to give infomral advice and support: GAIN, CMT-UK and the (USA based) International Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy.  The next step is we need a small number of keen UK patients with neuropathy to do the work, ideally with relevant skills such as running a business/company/charity, accountancy, fundraising, website programming or public relations.  Volunteers would need some spare time and to be sensible organised people.  We need quality not quantity.  Interested individuals can make contact by email:  BPNS members have been emailed with the link to the poster so they can print and put up in neurology and neurophysiology outpatient departments:

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GWAS study of CIDP

Members are encouraged to participate in a genome-wide association study of CIDP. Brief details can be found HERE

COVID Vaccination and GBS

Following on from the successful BPNS instigated study of GBS linked to COVID-19 infection - whhich found no evidence that COVID is a significant trigger for GBS, te society is now encouraging a similar collaborative study of GBS following COVID vaccination (any vaccine). Details can be found in the members pages - HERE (login to access)

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