• This meeting is open to BPNS members and other professionals working in relevant areas, but not to patients or members of the general public without advance permission.
  • BPNS members wishing to register for the meeting may benefit from a reduced registration fee if they log in to the website first.
BPNS Autumn Meeting 2021: virtual
Start Date
End Date
Friday 24 Sep 2021 10:00 AM
Friday 24 Sep 2021 16:30 PM
Zoom meeting hosted by St George's

Virtual places will be limited to 100 and available on a first come first served basis.  The costs are below are for virtual attendees; if you wish to attend in person please select the F2F meeting to register.

There are only 50 F2F spaces at higher prices: £35 ordinary members, £15 associate (and retired) members, £50 non-members.  


We encourage delegates to submit abstracts through the website for presentation at the meeting. Abstracts may be presented in person or virtually. The abstract deadline is Friday 3rd September.  

Please use the link for the F2F meeting to submit abstracts, even if planning to present virtually.  


Please see the F2F meeting on the website for the full timetable.

Event price
Tickets requested
1 public ticket @ £30.00
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Occupational Group
Professional Reg No. (if applicable e.g. GMC, GPHC)
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Latest News

COVID Vaccination and GBS

Following on from the successful BPNS instigated study of GBS linked to COVID-19 infection - whhich found no evidence that COVID is a significant trigger for GBS, te society is now encouraging a similar collaborative study of GBS following COVID vaccination (any vaccine). Details can be found in the members pages - HERE (login to access)

Face to face out-patient policy for COVID

BPNS face-to-face outpatient policy 

Agreed at BPNS AGM, 6 November 2020, amended 16 January 2021. The latest version of this policy can now be found in the new 'Policies' page under 'About' on the society home page.

COVID-19 vaccination and peripheral nerve disease

The BPNS sees no reason for any patient with any peripheral nerve disease to avoid having any of the COVID-19 vaccines. A commentary on the topic my Mike Lunn can be found HERE. An information sheet giving the Societys official view for concerned patients is HERE.

No link found between COVID-19 and GBS

BPNS members have contributed to an important study led by Stephen Keddie and Mike Lunn showing no association between COVID-19 and GBS. <Link>

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