Application for membership of BPNS

Terms & Conditions

Membership is open to professionals working in the field of peripheral nerve disease. Although the members are largely clinical neurologists, neurophysiologists and their respective trainees, we welcome applications from other types of clinical or non-clinical staff working in related areas, all of whom, along with trainees, are eligible for associate membership, for which there is no annual subscription. Associate members who take up a consultant level post or wish to serve on BPNS council have to become full, subscription paying members.  Membership is not generally open to patients and the BPNS cannot give advice on the medical problems of an individual patient. Patients are advised to read the patient information links page 


  • Applications for either full or associate membership must be accompanied by the recommendation of at least one referee, who must be a member of the BPNS in good standing, and must have personal knowledge of the applicant. If you have trouble finding a referee please contact the webmaster, honorary secretary or secretariat and we will try to help.
  • You should ask your referee to email the honorary secretary to confirm they support you joining the BPNS (Do not expect us to initiate contact with your referee just because you listed their name on your application)
  • Applicants must agree to abide by the rules of the Society and pay annual subscriptions if appropriate.

Fees & Subscriptions

  • Subscriptions for full members are £30 per year, to be paid on 5th January every year, beginning the January following acceptance of application
  • Subscriptions must be paid by bank transfer/standing order, NOT to the society's PayPal account
  • Associate, Retired and Trainee (up until training ends) membership is free.