• This meeting is open to BPNS members and other professionals working in relevant areas, but not to patients or members of the general public without advance permission.
BPNS Teaching Course on Peripheral Neuropathy 2022: virtual
Start Date
End Date
Thursday 10 Mar 2022 09:00 AM
Thursday 10 Mar 2022 16:30 PM
Zoom meeting hosted by Manchester

The Peripheral Neuropathy Teaching Day is aimed at trainees in Neurology and Neurophysiology but is suitable for all who wish for an update in the assessment and management of common and rare neuropathies. The course is delivered by UK experts in the field.

This year’s teaching day will include the traditional lecture format in the am. This will be available in person and via Zoom.

The afternoon  small group teaching on 3 different topics (chronic inflammatory neuropathy, inherited neuropathies and acute inflammatory neuropathy) will not be available via Zoom.


TimeType Presenter
10:00Registration See under the F2F meeting for the programme, noting that only the morning session will be available virtually  

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