About the BPNS

Founded in 2003, the BPNS aims to bring together physicians and scientists interested in peripheral nerve disease in Britain in order to share information and resources, and improve the management of and research into peripheral nerve disease.

We have met twice yearly since inception and have held two international meetings with peripheral nerve colleagues from Italy and from Netherlands/Belgium. Our national biannual meetings have a clinical emphasis - our tradition has been to focus on interesting case presentations and discussion. In addition each meeting invites local colleagues to share expertise on a diverse range of topics, from ion channel electrophysiopathies to autonomic neuropathies. In addition, we have a discussion forum for difficult clinical management issues with the aim of informing future guidelines.

Our Society is friendly, inclusive and informative and we welcome new members and suggestions for taking us forward

The society offers travel bursaries to assist trainees in attending national and international meetings, and beginning in 2021 will also offer a prize of five hundred pounds at each scientific meeting for the best case presentation by a trainee.

The BPNS website first appeared in 2010, written by Dr Adrian Fowle, with a separate system for emailing members. In 2016 a new website was professionally created by Illuminaries, incorporating improved functionality such as the member database, meeting registration and abstract submission.