Submit an Abstract

Case presenters must submit an abstract in advance. No presentation will be allowed without at least a brief abstract submitted in advance. Non-members may submit abstracts.

WRITTEN CONSENT is required from any living patient before their case history may be presented at any BPNS meeting or added to our website (this does not apply to deceased patients). Please ask your patient to sign the consent form, then file this in the hospital notes or your own records. The BPNS does not require a copy of the consent form, merely your honest statement that one has been signed. If written consent has not yet been obtained , an abstract may still be submitted, but the submitter must confirm to the meeting organiser or Case Library Editor at least one week before the meeting that written consent has been obtained, otherwise it cannot be presented (but may be postponed to a future meeting).

Abstracts will be published on the BPNS website. Access is for BPNS members only and password-protected. Submitted abstracts may be modified afterwards by the Editor e.g. to add discussion from the meeting or publication references. Please DO NOT include diagnosis in title, as this will be available before the meeting, but please ensure submission includes diagnosis, conclusion, learning points and any key references.

Once submitted you can check the status of your abstracts via the 'My abstracts' page and you should also receive an email notfication from the site when your abstract is accepted for a meting.

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Please use author/date format for references:
Surname, A. and Surname, B. (2013) 'Title of paper': Journal Name, 46(3), pp. 621-629.
Please enter an email address and password. These are required so that you can edit the abstract if required.